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5 tips on how to choose the ideal restaurant furniture for your establishment

22nd Mar 2015
Tracey Sanders

1) Plan it out.
Maybe you are having a makeover, setting up for the first time, or just updating your range? It is advisable to have a map of what you would like to do and how you aim to achieve this. It stops buying unnecessary goods and wasting money, therefore you are more likely to buy quality products and furniture which is better for you and more satisfying for your customers.  

2) Trust.
This is probably the most important issue. You want to pick a company who is going to keep to delivery arrangements and deliver high quality goods. The last thing you need when running a business is to wait and have to chase other people or send back poor quality merchandise. Time costs you money and ultimately your reputation, so choose wisely. The best thing is to use companies who you have had recent success with, or search the internet for positive reviews on high quality furniture.

3) Seek out the ‘usage’ of your furniture.
Furniture that a householder would buy from the local shopping centre is not suitable for commercial restaurants due to the volume of ‘wear and tear’ it receives. It is recommended that you search for a business that specialises in selling furniture for commercial purposes. The advantage of doing this is that the materials used in the making process are much more durable and of better quality.

4) Look for quality materials.
Organisations exist that either give guidelines for the quality production of furniture for industry and commercial purposes, or grade the items accordingly. Before purchasing, enquire what ‘seals of approval’ are in place for the business selling the furniture. Some of these seals of approval may be legal requirements, e.g. making sure items are fire retardant.

5) Gets samples first.
Just like buying wallpaper or paint you are advised to try it to see how it will blend in and whether you like the style and atmosphere it creates. Furniture is a more bulky item that is difficult to move around and change once it is in place. Get colour and style samples before you buy and avoid the hassle and obligation later.

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