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Fixed Seating for Pubs

8th Jun 2015
Tracey Sanders

A busy thriving pub faces a heavy footfall day in day out. Even more so since Pubs are allowed to be open for 24 hours and catering for these busy punters is becoming an all-day event. No Pub can afford to keep changing their interior furniture and renovations come in irregularly for face lifts or new ownership. Because of this, it’s important that furniture lasts, as a busy landlord hasn’t got the time to keep fixing furniture or buying new. This is why at Spiro Designs, we recommend fixed seating for pubs and here are a few reason why:

Customers won’t move them

A while ago we wrote an article about seating guides for restaurants which gave guidance on where to place tables and chairs. There is a good reason for this, as maximising the amount of floor space but still creating adequate walkways will make the difference between 50 – 70 customers sitting down. Now as a busy landlord, setting this floor plan takes time and you won’t want your customers moving your main tables and chairs. Of course, individual chairs can be moved, but fixed seating will set booths or private areas within your pub. They can be placed back to back, curved or however you wish, but most importantly, where you fix them, they won’t be moving.

Private area for your customers

Pubs are one of the most popular places to visit for a group of friends or family, and having somewhere they can sit together is exactly what they want. Sitting around a table is fine, but there might be bit of a hassle trying to find individual chairs. Fixed seating can come in the form of curved or booth seating and then these can be created to form aisles. You will notice this type of seating in popular pub chains.

Customise to suit you

Fixed seating can be customised from the colour of the upholstery, the design and the fabric, whether its vinyl or leather, you choose. Branding is important for any pub as you want to create a look to suit your image and match your theme. No problems here, this can be achieved.

Create an additional booking offer

With fixed seating in your pub, you can then offer customers booking in advanced to book one of these booths. Remember you are competing against so many other pubs, so give your customers some exclusivity by coming to your pub.


Fixed seating is built to last, meaning you won’t need to replace these for a while. An added bonus is the fabric type which you select, as if you go for vinyl, it’s not only cheaper but much easier to clean. The bases are solid and the material we used is specific for high traffic


So there you have it, there are some good reason to consider using fixed seating for pubs. View our range and if you need any advice or tips, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team who will help you with your needs!


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