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Bespoke Banquette, Booth and Bench seating

Banquette seating is a fixed type of seating which incorporates a bench so is commonly known as bench seating or fixed seating. It’s a very popular choice for restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs due to its versatility. At Spiro Designs, our range of banquette seating is manufactured and designed to suit your individual requirements and specifications. With a huge range of fabrics to choose from, we will create a piece of bespoke curved, corner or fixed seat that is unique to your restaurant, hotel or bar.

This style of seating can change the way your venue looks and feels and provide a striking focal point and seating booths can help create areas and intimacy in larger spaces. Whether it is curved, straight or fixed, our bespoke range is built to your needs. Find more out about our:

Our Banquette seating range

Bespoke options

There are a wide range of options available, and below we have some options for you to explore with both fabrics and images from our customers

Solutions for restaurants, bars and more

We will help you create the exact type of banquette seating required through our bespoke service. From materials such as faux leather to suede, from back to back to fixed / bench, from booth to high back, there are hundreds of options which can be made. And this doesn’t stop with colour either. We are happy to visit your on-site to help  you figure out the best option for your workplace. Depending on your venue, whether its a restaurant banquette seating, bar, hotel or cafe, we will recommend the most suitable option

Banquette Seating FAQs

Read some of our frequently asked questions we are often asked by our clients

How high should banquette seating be?

There are 2 areas of height to consider: the back rest and the bench. The bench height should be no more than 20 inches (508mm) as you need to leave ample space between the top of the bench and the table. For the back rest, this can range vastly, but we often see clients going up to 60 inches (1500mm) from the bench

How deep should the bench be?

For comfortable depth to suit a wide range of clients, we recommend up to 20 inches (508mm) depth for banquette seating

How much space do you need to install banquette seating?

This can vary massively. If you are considering using booths, these do require a lot of space, as effectively, these become almost like a cubicle which is able to seat up to 6 people. If you want to utilise wall space, you don’t actually need a lot of room for banquette seating. Read our restaurant seating guide for more information

Can you match colours?

All of our furniture is bespoke, to be made to suit your needs and this goes through to fabrics and colour choices. We have a huge range of colours available, so the likelihood is we will have a colour to suit your needs. Find out more about fabrics

Ideas and inspiration

If you need some more inspiration or ideas, read our useful guides below written by our team of experts

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